Premiere: Santiago Salazar – Midnight Oil


The cars whizzed between the tall, towering skyscrapers ready to respond to any given emergency dialled in. They were the burners of the midnight oil and the first response when things went wrong… Boy, did they go wrong. They were not the police, the Garda or the law but a group of vigorous, right thinking civilians with a firm sense of pride in the city that birthed them. Nonsense was not to be tolerated in these parts and they would happily lay do the law before the courts had their way with them…

Santiago Salazar is a longstanding producer from the US, a figurehead of house and techno and a keen player in the Underground Resistance movement which gave rise to the groove driven electronic futurism of the genre in the present. Experimentation and jazz, adaptability and creativity – Santiago is a stalwart of all things good within dance and electronic music culture. 

His new album is due for release on the 17th of May later this year and will be out on Love What You Feel. It's strong willed, powerful stuff. Listen below: 

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