Premiere: Sam Goku – Paradise Drum


The notion of travelling had become something of a myth these days, a fantasy that consistently seemed just out of grasp. But now the rules had changed and they were free to go wherever they wanted, no matter how far flung the place may be. But the fear still reigned supreme. Though permission had been granted, many would still rather stay in the comfort and safety of their own homes. For them paradise was still a long way away.

Munich-based producer Sam Goku is on a mission to transmit a message of understanding, that behind the differences in one another's customs and traditions is usually a similar emotion or motivation. Growing up in Germany to Chinese parents, he was raised with two different cultures and mentalities, influences which feed back into his musical pursuits. Following two releases for Amsterdam's Atomnation, he now returns to the label for his third outing, a three-tracker entitled Paradise Drum that pulls in deep tribal drums, sharp synth leads and frantic percussion.