Premiere: Salomo – Boundless


The sea was at its calmest in the morning; the soft waves lapped at her ankles as she squeezed the sand between her toes. It had been several years since her decision to up sticks and move to the coast, but now she could never return to the city — the mere thought of it made her feel uneasy. Here, she was unbound by schedules, meetings and commuting windows. By the water she felt free…

R.A.N.D Muzik continue their string of 2020 releases with an instalment from local Liepzig native Salomo. Having previously made two appearances on the label – once on the label’s signature V/A series and another alongside collaborator and R.A.N.D label boss Carmel – this EP marks his first solo outing, a collection of four melodic and ethereal cuts that meander from electro through to house and drum workouts.