Premiere: Ryan James Ford – Roscoh Denk


The silk felt soft to the touch as she ran her fingers across the folds, taking time to inspect each layer of material and its intricately placed beading. She’d never held something so beautiful in her hands, let alone worn such a garment. For a moment she felt unworthy of it, even though she’d worked long, hard hours to buy it. But those feeling soon faded as she put it on, this dress was made for her…

Finnish-born, Scotland-based DJ, producer and Acid Flash boss IDA takes her first steps into the label world with the launch of SÄVY, an imprint dedicated to exploring the different shades of music in relation to both emotion and art. Unwilling to be defined by categorisation or genre, the label will represent IDA’s diverse tastes which are rooted in club-orientated music, and will provide a home for both upcoming and established artists. The first release is in the hands of Berlin-based techno producer Ryan James Ford who perfectly reflects IDA’s love of acid-laced productions with Six Stair, a four tracker that blends contemporary and old school techno and breaks.