Premiere: Ruutu Poiss – Untitled A1


Eyes wide, fixated on the ceiling, she tried to keep herself from drifting off, pinching herself each time she felt her eyes droop. For the past few weeks the same thoughts had been creeping into her dreams, turning them into dark twisted nightmares that felt inescapable. Her solution was to stay awake and avoid the inevitable, but there was only so long she could force her eyes to stay open.

Wake Dream – a new label run by Orpheu The Wizard – enters into the world with an inaugural outing from Amsterdam/Tallinn-based Ruutu Poiss. Following previous releases for labels like Levels, International Major Label and Rets Records, he presents an untitled 3-track EP as a prelude to his first long player which is set for release later this summer. The exclusive tracks only available as a pre-release give us a window into Ruutu’s tastes for futuristic machine funk and hypnotic abstract electronics.