Premiere: Russell – No Estamos Solos


Since moving in she’d felt unsettled in this big old house, as if it wasn’t really her own. As if it belonged to somebody else. She tried not to clutter her mind with troubled thoughts or let the creaking floorboards and cold draught bother her, but it was becoming increasingly difficult. There was an unwelcome energy here, an unwanted presence that needed to be exorcised.

Chilean artist Tomás Ruiz is gearing up for the release of his first long player under the name Russell on local label Halcxn. No Estamos Solos, which marks the label’s sixth release this year, follows an active period of productions from the Ruiz camp, but with the name change comes a more direct approach, and a focus on a solid and clear sound. Prioritising freedom above anything when it comes to production, Ruiz’s outings as Russell will be be navigated by influences in electro, downtempo and breakbeat, which come through on the album in the broken sounds, deep rhythms and atmospheric textures.