Premiere: Ruble Gang – Paralysed Dream


Sniffing about the house, anywhere he can, whilst he desperately attempts to work out the world, constantly bashing into his brother and sisters as they squeal away, crying for attention. Everything is a challenge when you can’t open your eyes yet, he’s only two days old but his nose is still very powerful and leads the way. But if only he knew what that nose of his would get him into, he’d drop out the police academy right now!

Glasgow-based label and collective Lunacy have announced their debut release: a deep dive into their world with a mighty 17-track compilation titled V/A 101: DIA // ASKR, that touches on everything from post punk to ritualistic tribal and ballsy electro. Our standout track is ‘Paralysed Dreams’, a reissue of a club-focused dark wave cut from Moscow-based outfit that skillfully merges dramatic vintage synth stabs with a punchy bassline and punk vocals.