Premiere: Rouge Mécanique – Skate & Distort


Thoughts clouded her mind, mirroring the white blanket that covered the sky outside her window. She'd been gazing out of it for hours, hoping for some inspiration to hit her, but she was finding it hard to engender motivation at all. There wasn't much movement or action outside to give rise to a feeling, but she was hopeful. For now, she'd continue to gaze outside and wait for that moment…

It's not easy to keep an independent label afloat, but Cosmo Vitelli's I'm A Cliche imprint has continued to thrive for over 15 years. To celebrate the occasion he's brought together friends and allies for a 13 track V/A compilation called Bongo, Beats & Bankruptcy, that captures the label's quirks and eccentricities and touches all corners of their vast musical universe. Amongst tracks from Benoît B, Fantastic Twins, Ivan Smagghe and Marc Collin's Volga Select project and Cosmo himself is our selection 'Skate & Distort', a club-ready IDM-not-IDM number by African Acid co-founder Rouge Mécanique.