Premiere: Rouge Mécanique -Ampedusa Xaver


The mystical God saw all. His eyes would watch down upon this tiny earth with a glimmering flicker from above. His gaze remained unchanged, unaltered, piercing and cold. This planet was capable of destroying itself, sink or swim the outcome was anyones guess but for now he was simply happy to sit back, relax and enjoy the show. He was Ampedusa Xaver and he saw all. 

Discos Capablanca return following recent releases from Scott Young, Keita Sano and Marc Piñol. Up next steps Rouge Mécanique who has most recognisably released on I'm A Cliche's Edit Service label. He deliversfour tracks of dark moody ambience. Weird, odd and built for the clubs listen to 'Ampedusa Xaver' below:    

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