Premiere: Rodion & Mammarella – Barranca Del Cobre


There were some landscapes that simply took your breath away; the kind that made you feel like a tiny speck on this thing we call planet earth. The canyon below was a sight to behold, its huge stone surfaces coated in tones of copper and green. If you squinted hard enough you could trace clusters of tiny humans exploring the winding paths, tunnels and bridges that littered the expanse. It felt somewhat magical or metaphysical; a natural wonder of the world…

It’s been almost a decade since Italian producers Rodion and Fabrizio Mammarella teamed up for a collaborative EP on the latter’s Slow Motion imprint. Like their first outing, Apennini, back in 2012 this new release proves yet again why these two are a perfect production pairing, fusing their shared love of synthesized melodies and machine-driven funk and disco. The duo continue this across their Sierra Madre EP, which was recorded in Mexico City with a guest appearance from Roam Records and Duro alumni Mijo, and backed by a rework from Italo-Belgian duo Front De Cadeaux.

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