Premiere: Rodion & Alejandro Paz – Esta Noche (Fabrizio Mammarella Remix)


Everything leant on tonight going well; the whole course of her life as she’d frequently been explaining to anybody who’d listen. Years and years of preparation had gone into the event, and should it be a success, her reputation would skyrocket. If it failed, however, then it would all have been for nothing. But she couldn’t let those intrusive thoughts take hold, from here forward positivity and optimism would be her only friends.

Release number 30 on Chloé’s Lumière Noire imprint brings together Gomma and Eskimo producer Rodion and Coméme and Huntleys & Palmers alumni Alejandro Paz for Esta Noche, three tracks matching Latinx sounds and new wave influences. Both classicaly trained musicians, the pair struck up a friendship after meeting in Ciudad de México, bonding over a shared love of romantic music and harmony. This led to a partnership in the studio, where they crafted and arranged this collection of dark, hazy and dramatic rhythms, one of which gets the rework treatment on the flip from Slow Motion boss Fabrizio Mammarella.