Premiere: Rhythm Of Paradise – Bring The Back


The city was silent and still, it felt peaceful and calm in the golden light of the afternoon sunshine. With little human life around, the streets had become teeming with nature. Morning bird song was no longer eclipsed by traffic and buzzing chatter, while the streams were now crystal clear and had become an inviting place for all manner of amphibious animals to pass through on their journeys. It's funny what can happen when the engine is switched off for a moment…

Italy-based label Cosmic Rhythm are back with another release from label mate Rhythm Of Paradise entitled Pleasure Zone. The fellow Italian producer has also released music on the likes of Smallville, Chiwax and Kalahari Cult, but continues his long standing partnership with Cosmic Rhythm this year, marking his third EP for the label. Continuing their signature soulful, deep and cosmic (of course) stylings, the four tracker is another dive deep into their dreamy Italian house roots.