Premiere: Resina – Failed Myth Simulation


The Warsaw-based cellist and composer lands on FatCat Records.

“The title ‘Speechless’ can also have several meanings if you put it in that context: not hiding behind words, being naked and intuitive, but also doing instead of speaking, especially when marginalized voices can’t be heard. From my personal perspective, ‘Failed Myth Simulation’ somehow refers to the urgent need for change and reconfiguration. However, it happens not because we choose it, but simply because some old decorations are falling apart in front of us and it obviously can lead to temporary feeling of emptiness and suspension.”


Following two LPs on 130701, Warsaw-based cellist and composer Resina makes her way to FatCat Records for ‘Speechless’ for a nine track exploration of language, the voice and the unpredictability of nature. Recorded in partnership with Michał Kupicz, drummer Mateusz Rychlicki and the 23-piece 441 Hz choir, the release was conceived during the pandemic and, although Resina managed to stay creative, she found it difficult to produce music that covered up the dark things happening at the time. Instead Resina made this a cathartic process, channeling her anger and frustration into music. The result is a powerful collection of sonics that teeter on the edge of light and dark, matching elements of ambient, choral, rock, noise and classical.


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