Premiere: Reptant – A Realist’s Realistic Reality


He clambered towards the ancient misshapen trunk and settled at the tree’s roots, under the thick canopy of dark green leaves that freed him from the sun’s unforgiving heat. Leaning back against the tree, he closed his eyes, exhaling a sigh of relief as he felt a gentle breeze wash over him. When he opened his eyes, he noticed a large green lizard with luminescent green scales looking directly at him. For more than just a moment, they stared each other down before the lizard quickly zipped away out of sight. Confused by this encounter, he began to process what had just happened, and then all of a sudden he felt the urge to eat a small insect.

Here the likes of reptiles and molluscs come together, as Amsterdam-based label Kalahari Oyster Cult presents Reptant’s Phasic Reflex 12”. The Australian musician, who also produces under the guise of Lou Karsh, has affirmed his skills with several recent releases on various imprints, including Craigie Knowes, Salt Mines and Planet Euphorique, but this marks his first EP with the Dutch label. This particular track, ‘A Realist’s Realistic Reality’, is a sequence of meticulously organised and crafted synths and percussion, that perfectly displays Reptant’s hi-octane style that can cut right through any dancefloor.