Premiere: Re:percussion – Freedom Day

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Re_percussion – Percussive Therapy (CWXD005)

Dreamy House music destined for the summer nights on a new EP for longstanding record label Chiwax.

It had been a long time coming, the shackles were loosened and the people danced and rejoiced in the streets as if they’d never seen the daylight before.

That night they would gather to celebrate and sing songs from a time long ago, long before all of this. The hardships and the struggles of the recent age would be banished beyond the horizon for at least one night only before the fallout fell down.

This was freedom day, it would go down in history as such forevermore.


Chiwax release a new EP from Re:percussion, a Melbourne duo made up of Mitchell Gee and Jackson Gray who channel elements of classic House and Italo into a wonderful EP which will sound excellent on the beach this summer.

This is what dance music is and should be all about.

Listen below: