Premiere: RDS – smwajkb


The heaving canal-side walkways and rabble of cash-flush tourists inside Amsterdam’s city limits play in direct opposition to the calm of the suburbs. Tourist traps and questionable restaurant advice at the hotel front desk left a sour taste in his mouth in previous days, but drowning amongst a sea of glassy-eyed Brits appears a necessary torment on this evening’s agenda. Enticed by strong promise of local spots and the best music the Dutch capital has to offer, he heads ‘Noord’ to meet with old friends. But first, a cheeky trip to the Smartshop.

Hailing from Utrecht, electronic label SoHaSo releases the second outing of their fantastic ‘NOWHERE’ series. ‘NOWHERE02’ serves as a diverse compilation of music from across the electronic spectrum, showcasing the eclectic roster of Netherlands-based producers that call the label home. Our pick, ‘smwajkb’ by RDS, is a breakbeat/IDM hybrid filled with panic-stricken basslines and frantic breaks, perfectly contrasting with the track’s celestial synths.