Premiere: Ralf Nowy – Akili Mali


The echo chamber, ablaze with the cries of tropical birds and creatures of distant lands. A place in which the palm trees cast a humble silhouette against the window panes and the light cascaded as if from the heavens up above. The serenity was a thing of beauty, this place was like a temple to him. It was bleak, distant yet wholesome all in one. All things to all people as it needed to be. The air was elegantly still as the sound of water trickled nearby, breathe in. 

Jan Schulte stirred a great deal of interest around his new compilation upon announcement. "Tropical Drums Of Deutschland" is a carefully curated album full of worldly percussion, the plucks and chimes of life. Listen to a track recorded by Ralf Nowy from the release below which has featured prominently in Jan's sets in recent years. See below: 

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