Premiere: Radioactive Man – Mechanical Music Menace (Shengi Remix)


Quick, Fallout Boy, you best prepare yourself for an onslaught of top-notch aural offerings that'll have you punching your enemies so hard that you'll be seeing giant "POW!" and "BIFF!" signs appearing before your very eyes.

Comic book references aside, Shengi has taken the latest sounds from Radioactive Man and turned them into a swirling pool of electronic gold. Not that electronics and water mix particularly well, this one seems to do just fine and you can feel free to let it enter your ears even if you're fresh out of the shower.

Let the dynamic duo of Radioactive Man and Shengi take care of everything for you, they're the heroes we deserve;

Radioactive Man's White Light Monochrome Remixes is out now via Reinhardt, grab your copy here.