Premiere: R Gamble – Work Of The Devil


Every waking hour was filled with conflicting thoughts; some positive and optimistic, but the vast majority remained dejected, at times sinister even. She’d taken to writing lists of pros and cons, hoping that it would ease her decision making process, but even on paper the evil seemed to outweigh the good. An eternal devil on her shoulder preying on what thread of happiness she had left…

For their first digital V/A in a series of four, Sisters Recordings present a carefully curated five-track release that should be listened to b2b for maximum effect. Bringing together up and coming artists and veterans of the scene, the EP delves deep into dark, electronic textures, moving from the electro touches of винер, Kluentah and Black Eyes to the harsh industrial and EBM rhythms of TV.Out and Lost Soul Enterprises boss R Gamble.