Premiere: Quiet Men – Doubled


Bleary-eyed and weak-limbed she struggled to find her footing in these unfamiliar surroundings. Was it her own perspective or was the world around her simply dissolving before her eyes? Objects had become strange and obscure, and colours more washed out; a doubled vision of an uncertain environment.

You could say fate brought space•lab boss Dr Baird and Italian duo Quiet Men together. Whilst on a drive through the countryside a few years ago, a recently unearthed compilation CD that came out on Disturbance Records back in ’97 soundtracked Dr Baird’s journey, one that featured tracks from Astral Body, T.W.E and Aphex Twin’s Caustic Window alias. But it was the intricate production and beautiful synths of Quiet Men’s contribution ‘Brain’ that caught his attention. He began to dig into their background and found that the pair also operated under, friends and collaborators of Donato Dozzy and Neel, whom he’d met just the year before at a party in London.

Following the realisation, Baird got in touch with Lino Monaco (one half of the duo) about a re-release of ‘Brain’, who subsequently shared ‘Brain’ alongside a collection of unreleased tracks, which had been sat on a dusty DAT since the late 90s. Remastered, and on vinyl for the first time, four of the forgotten cuts see the light of the day for the first time in the form of The Transition; a collection of 90s jams, celestial techno and melting soundscapes.