Premiere: PTDD & MONTY – Tamboe


There was a low end rumble as the music began to trickle downstairs and into the basement. Gathered in the cellar there was a small crowd, amidst the fog and dust they began to dance in time with the flurries of percussion and the twinge of electronics which echoed deep into the night. They would be here for a long time, a unit inspired by the deep, sophisticated roar of each element. Their feet would move in time, back and forth, again and again. 

Flippen Disks is a new record label to emerge from Amsterdam, the imprint is run by Monty who also appears on the debut EP. He delivers one solo track and one collaborative effort alongside PTDD for a release which is distinguished and intelligent. The EP features forward thinking percussion and danceable material whilst is also hugely listenable and unique. 

This one is special. 

Listen below: 

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