Premiere: Posthuman – Terror Police (DMX Krew Remix)


They marched in with a bang, swinging steel and shouting loudly in the pale glow of the morning light. The street was woken up to the sound of heavy boots on concrete and the roar of sirens as they swarmed the towerblock. This was the sweet sound of the terror police, their batons banged loudly on shields, guns raised and weapons drawn for what might come next. Young onlookers watched on from hazy windows, glancing out into the fog to see what all the fuss was all about. Elders would quickly hurry them away from the window for fear of being spotted themselves. This was the dystopian future. 

Posthuman are set to release a stormer of a new EP on Cyberdome, a rip roaring EP built up of grunge laden acid, electro beats and reckless abandon. The record is rounded off by a remix from DMX Krew, a perfect package. 

Listen below: