Premiere: Postdrone – Mahragan El Arp


As the city woke from its slumber, the streets filled with sound; both beautiful and chaotic. Snippets of voices shouting in the distance blended with the harsh frequencies of far-off car alarms and beeping horns; it was a sonic snapshot of the hustle and bustle that characterised this city. For some, it brought comfort and safety, for others it drove them away in search of peace and quiet.

Cairo’s RAKETE sprung into life last year with a VA called ‘Cairo Quest’ which shone a light on some of the artists operating in the Egyptian capital’s electronic underground. An EP from fellow Cairo native Hassan Abou Alam followed and now they’re releasing their third instalment, a six-tracker from newcomer Postdrone, that comes complete with remixes from Abou Alam on the flip. Titled ‘Ready For Nothing’, the introspective, sparse compositions draw from the “inherent dissonant noise of Cairene existence, and the suppression of left-field works in the face of a deeply commercialized musical landscape.”