Premiere: Population One – 11.18.2013@1:41am


If a town did indeed have a population of one it might not be the most fun place to be. Perhaps it would be a little bit like that Will Smith film in which something pretty awful happens to his dog. I think it was called Men In Black. If you did, for some unknown reason, find yourself trapped as the only person within a town's borders it surely wouldn't take too long for you to get bored. Unless you're one of those people who loves their own company, though I'm sure I read recently that it's healthy to walk and talk as much as possible. Not to yourself mind.

Oh right.

Though the track titles on his Time Will Tell EP are a little different to what you might normally expect, these upcoming aural treats from Population One are well worth getting down you as they burst into your ears and open your mind to a whole host of new possibilities. Get your first taste of 11.18.2013@1:41am here;

Population One's Time Will Tell EP is out on 15th June via 30drop Records.