Premiere: Poisonous Birds – We Move, Plastic (ASTRYD Remix)


The city had started to close in on her; the towering buildings seemed to engulf her very being, threatening to take her breath away and smother her. The irony of living in a place where instant gratification was everywhere, yet the need to escape it for places quiet and serene rung loudly inside her head more often than not. But as soon as she left she knew it wouldn’t be too long before she’d yearn for the city again…

As a follow up to the release of last year’s EP, ‘We Can Never Not Be All Of Us’, Bristol-based trio Poisonous Birds have invited peers and friends to reimagine the originals. The six original tracks, which draw influence from art-rock, shoegaze and techno, have been reworked by contemporaries including Loraine James, Exit Lights, ASTRYD and more, continuing what Poisonous Birds’ singer and producer Tom Ridley describes as “a conversation” with the peers who inspired the original record.