Premiere: Pletnev – Voranto Bros


The small boat bobbed on the water, looking for a place to dock before dawn broke. The two brothers scanned the shore before honing in on a derelict cove shrouded in darkness. They couldn't be caught, they had travelled for too long to risk their cover being blown. As they moored up and stepped on to solid ground, they gazed up at the famous skyline before them; a sight they had only ever seen before in books and paintings. This would be their new home; a place where they could make their names known. The unsuspecting city had no idea what they were in for…

Lithuanian-based producer Pletnev returns to local label Le Temps Perdu for his second EP, following his 2017 debut with 'St. Bones'. His diverse productions have taken him to labels like SZE, Fleeting Wax, Meda Fury and Hard Fist, with sounds spanning percussive tools to EBM and leftfield cuts. His forthcoming EP, 'Voranto Bros', features blinding remixes from CockTail d'Amore bosses Discodromo and Biologic Records' Lion's Drums.