Premiere: Pleasure Model – Minority Report


The computer screens flickered, omitting a bright glow that lit the small dark room. Shoulder to shoulder smartly dressed men sat hovered over the screens, intently watching the information that shot across the screen in a rapid bursts. Illegible code and indecipherable numbers; blink and you’d miss it. From the outside, little was known about the operations taking place in this building. Many speculated but all were too afraid to ask…

Under his Pleasure Model alias, Bristol born producer and film composer Antoni Maiovvi explores his love of wave, synth and Italo disco. Having previously released an EP and two albums for Budapest’s Dalmata Daniel, he now makes a return to the label ahead of his new LP on 100% Silk, delivering a four tracker titled Update 2.1. Written during a period spent living in The Hague, the release is a batch of freaky Italo jams, complete with weighty drums and soaring synths.