Premiere: planet love – flowers

planet love – flowers

return_backspace launches as a platform for forgotten 90s electronics.

Outside the window the flowers were beginning to bloom. She loved this time of year, not quite blazing heat but warm enough to spend the days outside in the garden, surrounded by the roses and daffodils. She inhaled deeply, taking in the sweet smell that permeated the air; it was fresh, familiar, comforting. Nature always helped to ground her; it was the best medicine.


A new label has been born in The Hague. Started as a platform to give electronic music from the 90s a second life, return_backspace begins with a look at the work of Bern-based Italian producer Marco Repetto. Made up of nine tracks, split across a trilogy of EPs, the release shines a light on his early compositions under the moniker planet love. Crafted during a period where atari-sequencing was widely used, the music bears a naivety that came with producing at the time, and sees Repetto layer synth stabs, warm basslines and crisp percussion over dreamy soundscapes.