Premiere: Planar Traits – Organ Track


On the outer fringes of the universe, they gathered to plot their takeover of planet earth.

While human beings struggled to detect extra-terrestrial life, they had observed the actions and behaviours of human life for many years — identifying their weaknesses and their hardships. Much planning and preparation had been made for their journey, they just had to make it there in one piece.

Magic Carpet, the Lisbon-based imprint that’s brought us releases from Baby Rollen, Phyzical Flex and Ramu, now returns with instalment number four: a four-track ride into the cosmos from Stockholm/Glasgow producer Planar Traits. Packed full of warm subs, driving breaks and intergalactic melodies, his debut is a welcome edition to a label that’s fast becoming our go-to for mystical, otherworldly sonics.