Premiere: Petwo Evans – White


The grinding gears of the machinery rang through the corridors of the factory. The metallic sounds ricoheting off the walls, shaking the floor below. The workers had left for the day but the work didn't stop at night, this was a 24 hour operation, there was no time to waste. Each morning the shift change would take place in the smoothest fashion, the machines would handover to the humans and the eternal cycle would continue. For now both worked in harmony but the humans feared one day they would become disposable.

After launching their own label Petrax in April, long-time collaborators Rich Thair and Jake Williams return with the second release from their project Petwo Evans. The pair produce most of their music from a remote farm in West Wales; Thair on drums, percussion and production alongside Williams' skills as an electronic musician and sound artist. Closer 'White' shows their knack for producing machine funk complete with broken drums and metallic elements.