Premiere: Peter Gordon – Victor’s Dream


As his eyes began to close he began to wonder whether or not he might wake to the warm glow of the morning once more or if he might be lost to the dense darkness which would overwhelm and conquer his senses for the time being. Victor's dream was humble and honest, refreshing yet haunting. There were magical creatures and wicked stories which lived within the far outer reaches of his mind, ideas which he had little control over which would seem to come from the abyss after hours. It was quiet now outside, nobody was around to disturb his rest, nothing but his own chaotic thoughts and nightmares. 

Peter Gordon is set to release his first full length album on Foom in three years. He delivers five abstract tracks with the same carefully crafted orchestration with which he has been associated and admired for many years. Gabe Gurnsey of Factory Floor features on drums throughout. Listen below: