Premiere: Parviz – 100 Crowns Bill


The paper felt crisp in his hands. He had never been as wealthy in all of his days and now as the proud owner of a 100 Crown bill he would simply spend, spend, spend. He dreamt of living life to the full, luxuriously and extravagantly beyond his wildest dreams. He would buy the finest clothes, dine in the fanciest restaurants eating nothing but fresh strawberries and cream. He would drive fancy cars and live in a castle upon the hill. Nothing else would compete or compare. 

Parviz features as part of a new EP alongside Folamour. The pair are set to release on FHUO Records in the coming weeks, a record label which is run by French up and comer Folamour himself. Listen to "100 Crowns Bill" below: 

The record is forthcoming and will be released in February next month. Keep an eye out for it dropping HERE

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