Premiere: PAL – El Spectaclo

Kiosk Front

Kiosk Radio launch their new label offshoot Kiosk Recs.

Shades of auburn, orange and brown swept the park, from high up in the trees to the blanket that covered the ground. Autumn had arrived; it was in the colour of the leaves that crunched underfoot, the long scarves draped over the shoulders of passersby and in the slight chill that permeated the air. Though the cold was setting in, the benches that lined the park still looked inviting. You could mind your business and watch the world go by; here there was time for contemplation and reflection, space for inspiration and enlightenment.


Brussels independent station Kiosk Radio has become a buzzing hub for the music community in the city. For the first release on their newly minted label offshoot, Kiosk Recs, they shine a light on a group of artists from within this community, station residents and members of Undo Seat Belts and Plein Sud who operate under the name PAL.

An ode to the Parc Royal, which has been the home of Kiosk Radio since it began in 2017, over nine tracks ‘Music For Hikers’ ruminate on their favourite places in the park, which took on a new meaning during lockdown. Moving through different moods and tempos, the LP is a blend of ambient, downtempo, spoken word and new wave which were originally commissioned by local art center Beursschouwburg as part of their On The Go sound walk series.