Premiere: Outtake ft. Peppe le Poissoner – Bar Champs Elysee (Roe Deers Remix)


As the early evening romance of the Parisian streets descends into Cognac-Infused disorder, the city begins to match his own hedonistic rhythm. He makes his way down another unknown avenue, sipping unknown spirits, yet exuding more belonging than a beret-adorned Joan of Arc. Recommendations fall on deaf ears as he follows the pulses of bass from basements below.

Neapolitan duo Outtake return with their second release ‘Bar Napoli'. Skilfully honing their ‘cinema verite’ approach to sound, Bar Napoli contains three tracks of pure proto-house and downtempo pleasure, adding credence to the saying “less is more”. Check out the especially explorative remix of ‘Bar Champs Elysée' by Lithuanian producer Roe Deers.