Premiere: Orlando – Orogony


She traced her finger through the thick layer of dirt covering the windows and thought to herself about the last time somebody had cleaned this place. The building had become a bit of an afterthought in recent years, its upkeep wasn't at the top of the management's list of priorities that's for sure. She reached into her pocket, pulled out a ball of tissue and began to vigorously wipe at the muck smeared glass. Somebody had to take care of this place before it became uninhabitable, it was time to take matters into her own hands…

All City Records affiliated First Second Label welcome New York-based Irish producer Orlando with his Happy Bossman EP; three bass driven cuts backed up by two tripped out remixes from WhereTheTimeGoes and Jheri Tracks co-label head Lastminuteman. The release blends the atmospheric stylings on his New Info cassette release and the bass and grime sounds that shine on his Local Action and Gobstopper EPs.