Premiere: Orlando – Nasty (Feat. Mr. Mitch & Yayoyanoh)


Following a great run of releases from Finn, Yamaneko and Erskine Lynas, Local Action are back with their first record of 2018! Orlando is the self-titled debut album from the producer formerly known as Orlando Volcano, who's previously released on the likes of Gobstopper and Liminal Sounds.

Featuring an amazing cast of features – from Octo Octa and Nemesis to Buscabulla and Gemma Dunleavy – it's a concise, finely-honed album that marks the full realisation of Orlando's heavenly, idiosyncratic take on dancehall/club music.

Today we're very happy to be premiering 'Nasty' which features the twin talents of Gobstopper boss Mr. Mitch and exciting new vocalist Yayoyanoh, who recently put out his debut EP on Bala Club.

"This song was originally called Nasty Dad," Orlando explains, "because me and Mitch wrote the instrumental in New York and he's a dad and the beat was a bit nasty… but for me Nasty Dad sounds a little creepy and we changed it, but now Mitch wants to change it back. Too late!"

Listen to 'Nasty' below:

Orlando is out 9th March on Local Action. Pre-order the album here.

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Lead image: Cáit Fahey

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