Premiere: Oliver Bernstein – Fathersong (Siggatunez Remix)


Despite their hideous dancing and horrendous humour, dads aren't always the worst. If you're a character in a film or TV show then, sure, you've probably got plenty to worry about but in reality you could do plenty of worse things than give your dad a little love. However, we've got absolutely no idea whether or not Oliver Bernstein had his own father in mind when creating 'Fathersong' – this was just a way for all of us here at R$N Towers to say sorry for forgetting about Father's Day this year. It's only a few months late, right?

Mr Bernstein's original set of sounds have been twisted around and turned upside-down by siggatunez to form this ace remix and we're looking forward to you delving into it and giving your ears a well-earned treat. Go on, you know you want to;

Franko Connection is out on 2nd October on vinyl via Laubenpiepers Finest.