Premiere: OL – Blacksiris


Walking through the trees as the rain fell, he could hear little but for the tiny pitter patter of raindrops as they touched upon leaves and formed small puddles beneath his feet. It was cold out here in the wild, yet despite being lonely in the middle of nowhere he felt more at home than ever before. Perhaps he was made for the wild places, the wild spaces in the great beyond. He was looking for a mythical creature, a great beast. Blacksiris was his name and they told tall tales of his wicked trips in the murky mountains. 

OL is a producer on whom we have been keeping a close eye. With appearances on the likes of Muscut, FIT Sound and Motion Ward he is well versed in abstract electronics and has a distinctive 'out there' sound which offers as many questions as it does answers. His latest release is for gost zvuk, a label with which he is close. 

Listen below: