Premiere: OL – Band Krait


The travelling circus featured the wildest, most wicked of mysterious performers. The big top was brought to life with the roar of flames and the whoops of an audience thoroughly entertained by the majestic intrigue of the weird and wonderful display. Jugglers moved back and forth perched atop towering tightropes, dancers spun amidst hoops and jumped high upon trampolines. Then there were the contortionists, capable of unsettling the eye and sparking the imagination, their allure was what caught his eye. They vanished and danced between the shadows under the cloak of darkness…

OL is set to release a new three track EP on Muscut, an abstract label from the Eastern Bloc who have been releasing some very interesting music from the likes of Pavel Milyakov, Wrong Water, Indirect and Papiro amidst others. 

The release is a subtle blend of slow moving dub, experimental electronics and takes influences from the haunting, distrorted elements of musique concréte. Listen below: