Premiere: Obb Globelyn – Quarry (Original Mix)


At the end of the road and just over the way, beside the furred mound was the hovel they had kept hostage all the local dreams. Inside, just 10 yards under soil they whispered and enchanted incantations which would turn the meekest civilian wild. As the beats went weirder, they flipped some kid inside out. He would never be the same again, for now he was born and fully grown. 

Canny lad Jo Howard has drafted in an earthy bunch of reprobates for his debut EP on his own label Sulk Magic. The Bird Of Paradise features alongside other avarians, but the stand out slice is this weird, religious shuffler from mysterion Obb Globelyn. Like the finger snaps, it lures you in to it's mazey musica. Patted soft bass and synco riddims, cultish cants and flip rewinds make this beauty feel a little sordid. In a nice way, for your Sunday blues. 

Various Artists – Sulk Magic 001 is out today and available HERE. Follow the label on Facebook

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