Premiere: Oall Hates – Feelings


He walked the city streets alone, isolated with little else but for his own emotions and thoughts. His feelings were wild and reckless, at least that was what he'd been told many times across what had been a lengthy career. Now he was beginning to doubt himself, was it time to give it all up and move on? Could it be time for something else? Did he have anything left to give? The sidewalk was a lonely placed for the common man, if you counted the faces of the people on the street you too would find a weight of sadness beneath each upturned smile. They all had feelings too. 

Of Paradise are set to release a new EP from Oall Hates, an aptly funny anagram for well, you know who. The "Tranceporter" EP is rowdy and energetic, we think you'll enjoy it. We do. 

Listen below: