Premiere: Nuel – Quiet


Work had been relentless, long nights and early mornings had twisted into one. Sometimes she didn’t know whether she was awake or dreaming. Maybe she was sleepwalking through reality. Though home should have been a sanctuary, a respite from the mayhem at work, yet her living situation had began to deteriorate quickly, a chaotic space that never seemed to rest. She longed for a little quiet, some time to empty her mind and refocus, but this had become something of a fantasy.

After years of personal growth and exploration Italian producer Nuel crafts Fantasia, a concept album that sees the artist becoming a ‘one-man-band’. Renowned amongst underground techno circles, Nuel has been behind releases for the likes of Semantica, Kontra-Musik and Sublunar over the last 10 years, but its his quest to learn new skills and techniques that has seen him take a multidisciplinary approach to recent recordings. Fantasia finds a home on R&S’ sister label Apollo and sees Nuel work with an array of instruments and obscure sound sources, fusing the organic and the synthetic for beguiling results.