Premiere: Nthng – Heitt


The sun was rising as he walked between towerblocks and tall buildings in the faint glow of the early hours. Glancing upwards towards windows he watched as the world woke up to yet another day, some smiled whilst others looked strained beneath the weight of what at times could be a toxic society. It was his job just to simply observe, an idle wanderer, he did not feel it fit to get himself involved in the mischief and misdemeanor of a world in which he did not feel at home. Hiett was his name but you'll probably forget that…

Nthng is set to release a new album via Lobster Theremin, an intriguing heavy hitting affair which carries as much musicality as it does punch. A great addition to the catalogue of a label which is as crucial to dance and electronic music as ever. 

Listen below: