Premiere: Nova Materia – Bell Phantom (Kill The Dj)


Do you ever wonder what it would sound like if you were suddenly plummeted into darkness? Aside from the initial shrieks of fear and sounds of manly men mocking those of us that may have got a wee bit too scared, what really goes on in the air around us when the lights go off? While we can never be entirely sure, we reckon it's the ghostly sounds of phantoms filling the air, carelessly ringing any bells that may be in their path as they float around the room in a state of determination – looking to scare the living daylights out of us.

It's not quite the same as just closing your eyes, a darkened room can instil a fear within us so strong that we may even freeze in our tracks and be unable to shift for about… Well, for just about the same length as this new track from Nova Materia. Coincidence? We think not.

Are you brave enough to delve into the world of the phantoms? Enter if you dare;

Aparece En Suenos is out on vinyl on 18th September and on digital on 2nd October via Kill The DJ.