Premiere: Niv Ast & Eliezer – Martians In Pluto


The school corridor was empty except for a few stray papers that had escaped from a locker and proceeded to float down the hall. The bell had rung a couple of minutes before and those loitering had since scarpered in fear of a scolding. All but one student, a small golden haired girl, who instead had hidden herself from view at the end of the corridor. A soft whimper left her lips as she hugged her knees tight into her chest. In her hands a scrunched up letter welcomed her to her new school. But she didn't feel welcome, she felt like an alien in this place. 

Two of Tel Aviv's most promising talents Niv Ast and Eliezer team up for their first joint release to inaugurate their new label, New Day Everyday, set up with Paris-based booker Daniel Weil. Collectively racking up previous releases on Ombra International, SC&P, Relish and Days Of Being Wild, this collaboration sees the duo blending distorted guitars, electronic rhythms and punk bass lines for four dance floor numbers.