Premiere: Nine8 – POWR (GLOK Bootleg Re-edit)


There's epic and then there's EPIC. GLOK's 50-minute re-edit of POWR, the debut single by Nige, of the London hip-hop crew NiNE8 COLLECTIVE, is Homeric in its scale. The product of a lost afternoon, when GLOK (aka Ride's Andy Bell) became obsessed with the original track – a laidback woozy roller with a shuffling house beat and twinkling melody – it was set to lie dormant on Andy's hard drive until he was persuaded to share the magic with Nige. Not surprisingly, the rapper/producer was into it and has given his blessing for it to be revealed to the wider public.

"Hahaha, I must say it’s not something I’d ever thought would be made of my track, but I love it," Nige said. "It’s a great idea and a pretty immense feat to do that. I love the dynamism of the mix. Hats off to Andy!"

Hats off indeed. The 50-minute bootleg is like a one-track DJ mix, building on the rhythms, melodies and vibe of the original track to hypnotic effect. GLOK released his debut album on Ransom Note Records offshoot Bytes earlier this year, with the label preparing an album of remixes for 2020.

Check out the original video below…

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