Premiere: Nightdrive – Rave To Sale


The doors were wide open, the sunlight beaming into the empty warehouse as the last stragglers of the party left the space behind. The music still played, in the distance the sound of sirens could be heard as the cops drove closer towards this forgotten paradise. Soon it would all be gone, rave for sale, rave to sale. It would be repurposed, reimagined and reborn into something shiny and new. However, long would the memories remain of wild extravagance, late night fatigue and the sun rising beautifully over the trees outside as they danced in the old barn. This was it…

Nightdrive is set to release an LP on Rough Cuts, a killer, heavy hitting affair which somehow manages to weave melody and melancholy with purpose and promise throughout. This one caught our attention straight from the off and comes highly recommended. 

Listen below: