Premiere: Nicuri – Fluid


The water cascaded from the great piping system and fell to the floor of the warehouse. There were no bounds to the force with which it fell as the pipe exploded. Some people danced beneath the fluid whilst others ran, fearful of what might fall from the sky next. The building had been falling apart for a long, long time. It was old and vulnerable, unstable and cluttered. It was the perfect space in which to lose yourself beneath the glow of a midnight light and a heavy drum. In shadowy corners onlookers watched as the liquid continued to pour on down…. It was going to be a long night. 

Nicuri is set to release a new EP on Sound Theories, a club focussed affair with a distinct sense of personality and influence. This one is built for the late night dancefloor and hits a sweet spot between melody and weight. Listen below: