Premiere: New Jackson – The Night Mail (Mano Le Tough Remix)


Under the cloak of darkness large shipments travelled the country, from head to toe. They brought with them packages and parcels in all shapes and sizes, a curious assortment of brightly coloured envelopes, bits and bobs. The night mail was an intriguing and mysterious process, a delivery system with a structure and support system all of it's own. People would depend on the delivery of their prized possessions. In warehouses up and down the country, machines whirred and people raced against the sunrise to deliver. 

New Jackson first released 'The Night Mail' on POGO Recordings back in 2011, a beneath the radar anthem with huge potential and firm support from key figures which never quite got the chance to shine. Now Maeve are set to re-release the track with a remix by none other than Mano Le Tough alongside new music from New Jackson himself. Highly recommended. Listen below: