Premiere: Blank Patrick – Serif Soaked

5 Minute Read

A fast paced, euphoric cut from a new EP on SLG International.

It was the small, subtle details which made all the difference. Those little flairs and flurries at the end of each serif soaked letter which oozed with class and style. Reading from the old parchment he assessed the stories, wondered what they meant and drifted off to a time long ago when the world was free.

He dreamed of sun kissed valleys, green fields and wild animals which roamed and wandered without care. He dreamed of the clouds as they passed slowly above creating a lifestyle of delicate shadows and glimmering rivers down below. He watched as the sun hit the face of each mountain in the warmth of the morning glow.

Then he returned to the paper, began to read on, as he watched the story unfold…


Blank Patrick is set to release a stunner of a two track EP on SLG International – a euphoric flurry of scattered synths, wandering percussion and goosebump moments. This one comes highly recommended.